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Broken Arm: Read About Symptoms

It’s important not to eat or drink anything if you think you’ve broken your arm because you may need a general anaesthetic so that the bone can be realigned. Before reaching hospital, a sling may help stabilise the arm (this goes under the arm and around the neck). Avoid trying to straighten the arm.

Callegari LorenzoBroken Arm: Read About Symptoms
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Heart Sounds & Murmurs Exam

The cardiac examination is rich with tradition and time-honored techniques. Increasingly, there is evidence for the predictive value of the dynamic cardiac exam.

Callegari LorenzoHeart Sounds & Murmurs Exam
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Standard Οphthalmic Εxam

The doctor will take a complete eye history including your vision problems, your glasses-wearing or contact lenses-wearing habits, your overall health, family history, and current medications.Your vision will be checked with a refraction test. A refraction test is an eye exam where you look through a device with different lenses at an eye chart 20 feet away to help determine any vision deficits.

Callegari LorenzoStandard Οphthalmic Εxam
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